Welcome to the Sno-parts East home page, your source for new, used,
and vintage snowmobile parts. Sno-parts East started in 1987 selling new aftermarket parts for all kinds of snowmobiles. In 1990 we started selling parts for used and vintage machines as well. Since then we've accumulated a large selection of parts for snowmobiles from 1968 to 1998. Each year we add to our inventory, both newer and older model sleds. Just contact us and let us know what you need and what machine it's going on and we'll find the part for you!
Renikasiled Cylinder

Accessories Snowmobile Covers, Foot Pads, Handlebar Hooks & Flanges, Hand Warmers, Towing Rope, Mirrors, Oil & Cargo Caddies, Safety Flag, Snowmobile Shop Dollies & Minidollies, Lifts, Trailer Accessories
Body parts Light Shields, Skid Plates, Running Board Trim, Edge Rail Grips, Snow Flaps, Trailing Arms
Brake Pads, Shoes & Cables Snowmobile Brake Parts for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and John Deere Snowmobiles. Universal Brake Pads.
Carburetor Parts Snowmobile Carburetor Repair Parts, Cables and Accessories, Filters. Throttle and Choke Cables. Mikuni Main and Pilot Jets. Keihin, Tillotson, Mikuni and Walbro Snowmobile Repair Parts.
Clutches, Parts &
Comet Snowmobile 94C Duster, 102C, 108EXP and 108 4-Pro Clutches, Springs and Cam Arms. Other Snowmobile Clutch Parts, Pullers & Tools.
Drive Belts Gates & Dayco Snowmobile Drive Belts. For Arctic Cat, John Deere, Kawasaki, Mono Ski, Polaris, Rupp, Scorpion, Ski Doo and Yamaha Snowmobiles. Dayco Max and Ultimax snowmobile belts. Gates xtreme snowmobile belts.
Electrical Parts Snowmobile CDI Boxes, Coils, Bulbs, Ignition & Kill Switches, Lenses, Points & Condensers. Snowmobile Voltage Regulators.
Engine Parts OEM Style and Wiseco Pistons & Balance Kits. Winderosa Snowmobile Gasket Sets & Seals. Tools, Fan Belts, Engine Bearings, Snowmobile Exhaust Systems & Parts. Motor Mounts.
Helmets &
Snowmobile Helmets, Shields, Communicators, Face Masks, Goggles, Helmet Carrying Bag.
Oils & Fluids Snowmobile Mixing & Injection Oils, Sta-bil. Engine Preservative. De-Icer, Shock oil. Brake Fluid. Oil Formulated for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo and Yamaha Snowmobiles
Skis & Accessories Snowmobile Skis, Ski Shocks, Ski Boots, Ski Skins. Easy Steer Kits.
Slides, Tracks & Suspension Kimpex & Camoplast Snowmobile Tracks, Slides, Idler Wheels & Bearings, Suspension Shocks, Cleats, Rivets.
Spark Plugs NGK & Champion Snowmobile Spark Plugs, Caps, Wire, Wrenches
Speedometer Cables &
Starter Parts
Arctic Cat, CCW, Hirth, JLO, Rockwell, Kawasaki, Kohler, Polaris, Rotax, Sachs, Tohatsu, Xenoah and Yamaha Snowmobile Starter Parts.
Studs Woody, X-Calibar and Roetin Snowmobile Studs, Studding Tools
Wearbars & Carbides Snowmobile Wearbars, Hardbars, Carbide Runners
Snowmobile Windshields, Trims, Darts, and O'Rings. For Arctic Cat, Chaparral, John Deere, Kawasaki, Sno Jet, Mercury, Moto Ski, Polaris, Rupp, Scorpion, Ski Doo, Skiroule, Suzuki, and Yamaha Snowmobiles.


Sno-parts East
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